Strata Plan sets new bar for insurance with Resolute partnership

Strata Plan customers will benefit from a new benchmark in Owners Corporation insurance, thanks to a new partnership with Resolute Property Protect.

Dedicated claims staff, 24-hour claims response time, handpicked contractors are just some of the benefits Strata Plan customers stand to receive.

Strata Plan has been selected as one of just 20 Owners Corporation managers Australia-wide to be offered access to the latest and most complete offering in strata insurance – Resolute Property Protect.

Resolute is a part of the Whitbread Insurance Group, meaning your Owners Corporation will get the same exceptional level of strata insurance expertise and experience, with the added benefits now on offer via Resolute. Resolute will be responsible for the renewal of your insurance – providing your Owners Corporation three-to-four different quotes for your selection – as well as handling any claims that are made through your Owners Corporation’s policy.

This service means much more than just providing your Owners Corporation with numbers every time you need a quote or claim, it means you will be provided with real data on how efficiently each insurer processes and responds to claims as well as access to Resolute’s hand-picked preferred contractors to perform any works that need to be done, to ensure you are in an empowered position.

Resolute guarantees a 24-hour response time on all claims, dedicated claims staff and will make brokers available to attend meetings of your Owners Corporation if further technical advice is required.

You get access to all this simply for being a Strata Plan customer.

If your Owners Corporation's insurance was already being looked after by Whitbread Insurance Brokers, your insurance will automatically rollover to the Resolute product when it is next up for renewal. If your Owners Corporation's insurance is being looked after by another broker, it may have already been moved to the Resolute product to ensure you do not miss out on any of the benefits on offer by this exciting new product.

You can learn more about Resolute HERE.

If you have any queries about what this means for you or your Owners Corporation, please do not hesitate to call Strata Plan’s friendly insurance team on 1300 278 728.

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