Strata Plan wins big energy savings for customers

Strata Plan customers and their Owners Corporations could be set for big savings as a result of a tender process for the energy supply to a significant number of common areas.

Wholesale energy prices in Victoria have more than doubled in recent months, with the escalating cost of electricity Attributed to the closure of cheaper coal generation, most recently the Hazelwood coal mine in Gippsland, while a gas shortage has also been caused by Australian gas resources being sold internationally for higher prices.

These significant price movements could have a big impact on the SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) market, which includes Owners Corporations who pay for energy supply to the common areas they manage.

In an attempt to stay on top of these rising costs, Strata Plan issued a tender for a number common areas via National Energy Solutions to all major Australian energy retailers.

The extensive purchasing power of the tender delivered exceptional results, offering some great savings for applicable Owners Corporations, with Origin the eventual winner.

Applicable Owners Corporations will be notified via their committees of the savings available to them and their Owners Corporations.

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