• Olga - Silver Heights ,The Basin

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    "There have been numerous teething problems with our building since it was completed almost always involving the builder. Personally, one of the issues for me involved damage to my garage roof only one week after moving in. Strata Plan was very quick in organizing the roof repair and clean up for me"

  • J. Hatzistavrou - Brunswick

    Published in Testimonials on 1st of Apr 2011 by we

    "I have had a trouble free run with the residential property I own and have had a very smooth relationship with the Strata Plan managers. The staff at Strata Plan have always been courteous and professional in communicating events and with managing the owners corporation details of the respective buildings and their common areas. I am confident this positive relationship will continue into the future."

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  • Owner - Brunswick

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    "Strata Plan have managed our property for nearly 5 years; our property is a mix of owner occupiers and rental premises and Strata Plan have done a great job of ensuring everybody’s needs have been catered for. Personally I have found the Strata Plan staff easy to contact and always helpful. I would happily recommend Strata Plan to anybody looking for a professional strata management team."

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  • Dean & Shane - Windsor

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    "Since we’ve bought our unit, Strata Plan has always provided good management and great advice. When we first arrived Strata Plan made us aware of the significant issues, provided advice on the possible solutions and managed their resolution. Strata Plan was also very quick to respond in emergencies. When our car park was flooded during a storm they were quick to organize tradesman to clear the water and clean the mess"

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  • Committee Member - Thornbury

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    "I was an owner-occupier, disatisfied with the performance of the incumbent strata manager, so I decided to source an alternate service provider. Of the six strata managers that I surveyed, Strata Plan revealed itself as the most professional, organised and knowlegeable organisation of the surveyed group.

    A subsequent petitioning of the property owners supported the installation of Strata Plan as the new strata manager. Strata Plan was extremely helpful during the transition from the previous ( hostile ) manager, ensuring that proper process and procedures were set up to run a legal, professional and successful body corporate.

    For the first time in the over 15 years that I lived at the property, the interests of the property owners started to be properly and professionally addressed by Strata Plan."

  • Diana - Glenroy

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    "The staff at Strata Plan have been friendly, helpful and responsive with all my requests and queries. Making my first experience with an Owners Corporation an easy and pleasant one."

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  • J. Kalogiros - Cheltenham

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    "We are a 24 unit apartment complex in the bay area and were managing all our owners corporation concerns as a self-managed committee. When we decided to outsource the service, Strata Plan were recommended as an organization to consider. From the very beginning we were happy with Strata Plan's conceptual approach as well as the professionalism and personal attention. Strata Plan adhered to our transitional concerns in relation to the outsourcing and took great care in designing our long term and short term goals.

    We would highly recommend Strata Plan as they are committed to service beyond the minimum requirement threshold and maintain the right amount personal contact at a level which compliments their commercial obligation and scope of our strata management requirements"

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  • Committee Member - Glenroy

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    "I am one of the owners of a property at Grand-View Street Glenroy, and the Team at Strata Plan have been prompt, courteous and proactive on all matters in relation to my property. When it comes down to handling any issues, they are on the ball and spot on. I would certainly recommend them without hesitation to any one looking for a strata manager to handle their property.

    Finally I state - give them a shot ! and see for yourselves the outcome."

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  • F. Petruzzelli - Owner

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    "Having a portfolio of investment properties requires astute management from our strata managers. Strata Plan consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. There is no problem too big or small and we are comfortable knowing that they will follow through with any issues that may arise. Dealing with the StrataPlan team is always a pleasure and I would like to thank them for their continued and ongoing support.

    Of course we will recommend Strata Plan to our families and friends"

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