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Need extra devices – such as garage remotes or fobs – to access your building? Order them here.

Due to stage 4 restrictions currently in place for Victoria all access device orders and temporary access requests must be booked via the post option only. Please ensure you allow for enough time to cover the postage period.


Alternatively, if you are seeking temporary access to an essential service (Water, Electricity of Telecommunications) cupboard, the essential service worker only is able to attend our office to collect the key. Please note that members of the public are not permitted to attend our offices for collection of keys or devices.
Requestor Details(If you don’t know your Plan of Subdivision Number, click here. You can also find your Plan of Subdivision Number on your fee notice)

OwnerAgent Please note if you are a TENANT, you must contact your Agent / Owner to place this order on your behalf.
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If you are not sure what building devices you require please contact Strata Plan (1300 278 728).
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You will receive an invoice from the locksmith for the cost of the ‘Restricted Key’. Strata Plan only charges processing fee.
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Once we receive your order, we will provide you with the locksmith details and you can contact your locksmith to arrange the delivery for the restricted key.

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Note: You will be redirected to paypal once you press the submit button. Thank you

Please note that this the slowest way of processing the access order request.

Once your order is submitted you will receive an invoice. Payment must be made within 3 business days of receiving the invoice. Please note that if no payment is recieved your order will NOT be processed.

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