As a team, achieving something great takes Collective Courage: What Strata Plan learned from The Wounded Tiger.

The Wounded Tiger

At Strata Plan, we pride ourselves on being a world-class team of experts. 


The keyword here is TEAM. Even the best of the best can be no match for a strong, solid team. As such, we draw inspiration from an amazing sports team- The Richmond Football Club. 


 Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t necessarily the Strata Plan favourite footy team- but we respect their journey. And what a journey it was. 


At the end of 2016, Richmond hadn’t won a flag for 37 years; neither had they won a final in 15. Their 2017 documentary “The Wounded Tiger” gave us rare insights into the immense pressure they were under and how they could come together as a team and defy impossible odds.


That year, they saw the most remarkable drought-breaking premierships in the game – Richmond’s first flag in 37 years. Some even called it the most incredible comeback in AFL history.

The Care

During the Richmond pre-season training, the team gathered and took part in “Triple H” sessions. Each player was invited to share personal tales of a Hero, a Hardship, and a Highlight. In these sessions, players listened to each other, gave the support needed and started to build more trust through personal stories close to their hearts.


Several themes really resonated with us, the first one being the element of care.


At Strata Plan, we have this culture of caring for one another, treating our team members like family. One of our four values is to be People’s People- and this isn’t limited to us fighting for and caring for our customers. It’s us caring for our team too. We believe that success comes from the efforts of our people, and we do that by caring and listening to everyone. 


Care is also what our customers and community need the most, especially during these testing times. 


I always tell my team that “When our customers complain, it is a cry for help. They want us to know that they need more care. We need to kill them with kindness.”

The Courage

Another key takeaway from the documentary is courage.  


Courage is overcoming fear and doubt, giving your all to deal with something difficult or unpleasant.

Damien Hardwick’s combination of care and honesty meaning the team could always find the courage to tackle the challenges ahead – because they knew where they stood with him. In fact, many players saw Hardwick as a father figure.

The Collective

And finally, there is a strong theme of the collective.


Unlike a mediocre team, Richmond demonstrated greatness through their “Triple H”. 


They displayed great courage, cared for one another, and were collectively aligned. Since 2017, Richmond has won 3 out of 5 premierships. 


Collective is also what I consistently find very impressive at Strata Plan. This is also what sets us apart from the competition.  


 The amount of care that the team has for our customers is truly humbling. It’s a shame sometimes customers don’t appreciate that. I’ve witnessed team leads staying behind in the office to make sure we urgently service an emergency call from a customer. I’ve seen people voluntarily come in on weekends to help a team member find solutions to urgent issues that come up. We’re not just workmates here. 

Collective. Team. Family.

The Strata Plan mission is to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience. We try our best to revolutionise the industry. Like the Richmond team, we want to find the power of the collective stronger than the individual. 


Collectively, can we bring the business to new heights? I know so!


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