Delivering the best outcomes, especially when you need it the most

At Strata Plan, we strive to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers. But in an industry that heavily relies on external stakeholders, a hassle-free experience is not always the case. Still, our world-class team of experts are always ready to help, working hard to exhaust all possible outcomes and fighting for the best result for our customers.


CASE STUDY: Pascoe Vale Road, Essendon
Quick facts:
  • After a period of heavy rain, one unit in the property suffered flooding that came through the roof, soaking the property
  • Just coming out of COVID and nearing the busy Christmas period, the lot owners needed a quick and reliable solution, from a team of experts, not just one manager
  • The Strata Plan team worked with the owners, contractors, and the insurance company to deliver the best possible outcome for all involved


It is generally understood that Owners Corporation Managers maintain the common areas of a property, however some special cases require assistance in issues with private properties. At Strata Plan we face the same challenges every other Owners Corporation manager does but the difference is in our creativity and willingness to push the boundaries in the never-ending search for the best practices.

In early December of 2021, heavy rain in Melbourne resulted in a property being damaged and residents severely impacted. Rain and debris caused a blockage in the roof gutter, which caused flooding through the unit’s ceiling and ceiling fan.

The impact of damages affected their carpets, personal belongings and appliances which raised concerns for their home to be inhabitable.

This affected the unit and residents by soaking their carpets, some of their furniture, and appliances. Experiencing this is bad enough for anyone, but the young couple who lives in the property also had a 6-month-old baby at the time. With COVID restrictions only just lifted in Melbourne and Christmas being around the corner, the timing and circumstance had caused distress with the residents. Fearing delays in having this issue resolved, they contacted Strata Plan immediately reporting the unfolding issue in their home.

This experience was already traumatic enough for the couple needing to seek refuge for them and their 6-month-old baby at the time.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, Strata Plan’s expert team wasted no time in making sure everything started moving. We dispatched a plumber on site on the same night, despite being after hours, to stop the flow of water into their property.
Next, we were in contact with the insurance company, commencing the insurance claim process and organising temporary accommodation for the couple and their baby, with the costs covered by insurance.

As for the repairs, Strata Plan organised the filing of the insurance claim on behalf of the Owners Corporation. Since the damage came from a common area, the family was able to work with the OC and the expert Strata Plan team in making sure all repairs and temporary accommodation costs were paid for under the insurance claim.


Within a couple of weeks, contractors had started in cleaning the property, including restoration of the carpets, disposing of any damaged materials and replacement for Brand New. Comprehensive tests along with in-depth reports provided to document and deem the property safe, free of mould from the exposure to moisture as a preventative measure to cease any bacteria growth.


The full restoration works finished by mid-February, with the family moving back to a newly restored home, with no out of pocket costs!! All charges paid for through the insurance claim.

Our proudest moment throughout this whole experience was really showcased in how urgently the team pulled together executing the collaboration with their skill sets.
We want our customers to know that we are reliable in being adaptable and not afraid to shy away from the day to day, if we can take on a challenge to help our customers we will!


This is all in a day’s work for Strata Plan, but what we’re really proud of is how the team pushed through such a quick response time. We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers feel like they can rely on us, not just in the normal daily tasks, but also for emergencies, when they need us the most.

Overall, a team of five Strata Plan heroes helped the residents with a situation that could have potentially been really stressful. But instead of just one person trying to make this happen, our team of experts banded together to deliver a hassle-free experience. This is the kind of value that Strata Plan offers to all our customers.
While other companies assign one manager to manage 75~ buildings, Strata Plan provides YOU with a team of experts, to make sure we deliver the best outcomes, especially when you need it the most.


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