Over 1,000 Strata Plan customers save almost $11M in cladding rectification funding, thanks to CSV

As an Owners Corporation Manager, Strata Plan is committed to ensuring that the buildings we manage are safe, and we are leading the charge in championing the very best for our customers.


A big part of this is our passion for cladding.


As of writing, over 1,000 Strata Plan customers from eight properties will be able to rectify the combustible cladding on their buildings, with all the projects totaling almost $11,000,000. These properties have been identified to have higher-risk combustible cladding. 


These costs normally would have come out of pocket for owners, but thanks to the $600M Program from Cladding Safety Victoria, the cooperation of the committees and Strata Plan’s help in submitting all the requirements, our customers don’t have to spend money out of pocket for rectification works


Most of these buildings’cladding material are either Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP),  Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or both. The problem with this is that both ACP and EPS are combustible, and the VBA has classified them as non-compliant.


The Minister for Planning announced a prohibition on the use of the external wall cladding products ACP and EPS for any building work in connection with buildings of Type A and Type B construction, effective 1 February 2021. The VBA has published an Advisory Note about the Prohibition of high-risk cladding products.


Expanded polystyrene (ECP) has been used widely in the building industry in Victoria over the past 20 years because of its low cost, light weight, and insulating properties.


However, it is highly combustible, increasing the likelihood of fire spread, with the potential to shrink, ignite or melt when exposed to higher temperature.


Same with aluminium composite panels (ACP) which has a polymer core and are combustible. They have the potential to spread fire up and around the building facade.


So, this is why we’re very passionate about cladding, and we talk about why we take it so seriously here. It’s essential that cladding works are done to ensure buildings being made safer in relation to fire risk.


Although Strata Plan’s assistance does not affect the result of Cladding Safety Victoria’s decision, our resilience, assistance, and expert guidance make the experience of organising and submitting the required paperwork a hassle-free one.


You may ask, why do we keep doing this? Because we care about YOU- our customers. We put purpose before profit, and our customers are more than just transactions. It’s about giving you the best service we can give. A hassle-free experience.


To all our non-customer readers, you’re more than welcome to join the Strata Plan Family.


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