Developing friendships with our customers

So recently we talked about wanting to celebrate small wins, and the topic we want to talk about today pertains to something that took us a while to realise, but we instil in our people every day.


Quick facts:
  • We managed a property in Ivanhoe that had been managed by multiple OC managers
  • After multiple issues were still outstanding and with a frustrated committee, a new OC manager was assigned to the property to try and restore the relationship with the OC
  • It took a lot of effort and trust, but we were able to turn it around.


At Strata Plan, we pride ourselves in ensuring the following:

  • Providing expert guidance
  • Constant Communication
  • Collaboration with the OC
  • Building Friendships


And, in this particular property, the friendship part wasn’t quite where we wanted it to be. Several issues were   being reported by the chairperson and the committee.


At Strata Plan, it’s not just about being an expert, there is a certain compatibility that comes with the job as well, and in this particular case, we assigned an OC manager who we felt might be more compatible with the OC, the committee and the requirements of the building.


This change has actually done a lot of good, with the OC committee happy to work with and communicate with the Strata Plan team.


There were a lot of outstanding tasks for maintenance work a lot of these pending cases actually regarding private property, which we normally don’t cover, but of course were happy to offer assistance, to a certain extent.


With a bit of patience and a lot of love, there is now an undeniable harmony, friendship and understanding between the OC and the Strata Plan team.


This is something we take pride in. Knowing the importance of understanding the role, consistent communication but most importantly, developing friendships with our customers.


That’s how we do it in Strata Plan.




Because at Strata Plan, It’s about YOU <3




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