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StrataPlan are the REAL DEAL and not a SupplierThey are a provider of effective partnership solutions. Thanks to everyone at Strata Plan team.


The work we have done together to achieve ‘best practice’ where all parties to our OC must ‘value-add’ is entirely understood by all the Management and Employees we deal with!!


This professional and business-like approach keeps me as the Chairperson going to get through the issues of the day (be they good or at times difficult to migrate) but as Partners there is an inevitability that ‘stuff gets done’ and ‘no stone is left unturned’ to achieve the best outcomes possible.


Together, our OC and Strata Plan look forward with confidence…


I share the values exemplified and everyone in the team exemplify the qualities of indefatigability…look it up…it’s what Strata plan means to any OC looking for the Best!!


Our OC is made up of positive, engaged, and independent thinkers who with our Partners at StrataPlan make the difference by way of a major contribution to the workings of our Apartment Complex where both Strata Plan & our OC are in lock-step demonstrating Best Practice in everything we do together.



I have found the team at Strata Plan to be prompt, courteous but most all proactive to ensure any issue is resolved both quickly and effectively. It’s refreshing to deal with an Owners Corporation manager that is both passionate about their work and proud of the properties they represent as the strata manager.


This ensures a happy medium between all parties involved, the tenants, landlords, owner-occupiers & managing & managing agents.

I have had a trouble-free run with the residential property I own and have had a very smooth relationship with the Strata Plan managers.


The staff at Strata Plan has always been courteous and professional in communicating events and managing the Owners Corporation details of the respective buildings and their common areas. I am confident this positive relationship will continue into the future.

We are a 24 unit apartment complex in the bay area and were managing all our Owners Corporation concerns as a self-managed committee. When we decided to outsource the service, Strata Plan was recommended as an organization to consider.


From the very beginning, we were happy with Strata Plan’s professionalism and personal attention. Strata Plan adhered to our transitional concerns in relation to outsourcing and took great care in our long-term and short-term goals.


We would highly recommend Strata Plan as they are committed to service beyond the minimum requirement threshold and the right amount of personal contact at a level that complements their commercial obligation and scope of our Strata management requirements.

Having a portfolio of investment properties requires astute management from our Strata managers. Strata Plan consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.


There is no problem too big or small and we are comfortable knowing that they will follow through with any issues that may arise. Dealing with the Strata Plan team is always a pleasure and I would like to thank them for their continued and ongoing support. Of course, we will recommend Strata Plan to our families and friends.

During the crunch period in a development when the subdivision finally registered and settlements are imminent, it’s a considerable relief to find the developer has appointed a firm like Strata Plan to manage the Owners Corporation.


I know that everything will be taken care of, that I will receive professional and proper certificates when I need them, and if I call with a question- then Strata Plan will have or find the answer for me. As a result, I refer clients to them wherever possible.

We recently completed a 6 level mixed use building compromising two basement levels, office suites on ground and 1st floor and serviced apartments on the 2nd floor. Mixed use developments requires sound Owners Corporation structures to ensure the futures to ensure the future the future ongoing management is equitable for future owners.


We commend Strata Plan for the recommendations they make to allow us to achieve this outcome. Great advice backed by good service.

We have had extensive dealings with Strata Plan prior to, during, and post-construction. Even whilst we were undertaking market research and seeking development approval, Strata Plan has always been available. They have assisted by providing research & expertise, where required.


Strata Plan always showed a genuine appreciation for the future owners when working on setting up the Owners Corporation for our projects. They clearly differentiate themselves by going beyond the call of duty to ensure a seamless transition of projects. Strata Plan demonstrated how they operate as part of our team as opposed to simply preparing a budget to suit our requirements. We believe that you will struggle to find the same level of service, collaboration and follow-through from other managers.


We are of the strong opinion that Strata Plan will set & achieve high standards in their business undertakings. Strata Plan strongly believes in customer service, innovation, and “best practices”.


We believe that Strata Plan will achieve their desired objective of being an exceptional & complement Body Corporate Managers who set the pace for high standards. We absolutely support & recommend Strata Plan

Everyone has to work together. I couldn’t do what I do as a chairperson if I didn’t have help from other owners who live at the property or Strata Plan who help us turn our ideas into reality.


Everyone from Strata Plan who has worked with us have always been very receptive to our ideas and proactive in making them happen.

Did you know? We got awarded a 2020 Service Award from Word of Mouth!

Over the year of 2020, more than 90% of reviews for Strata Plan have had a 4–5 star rating. Less than 5% of businesses on Word of Mouth qualify for the Service Award,

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number 1

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Strata Plan is the only organisation, hand selected from over 800+ Victorian managers, by Industry experts Macquarie Bank, to sit on the Australian Strata Board, for being at the forefront of industry innovation & change!
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