Fire Safety Resources For Owners Corporations and Owners

As the Victorian Building Authority’s cladding audit continues, fire safety is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

Even buildings without flammable cladding should always consider ways they can make their homes even safer.

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility and while your Owners Corporation has a responsibility to ensure the maintenance of any essential safety systems, such as Fire Indicator Panels (FIP), sprinkler systems, fire doors and anything else listed on your building’s occupancy permit, as part of a community your building’s safety also depends on the conduct of those who occupy it.

Strata Plan has compiled a range of fire safety information from the MFB and other sources for you.

NOTE: If you would like to display any of the posters below on common property, you must seek Owners Corporation approval before doing so. If you are not a member of your Owners Corporation committee, or you are a tenant, you can start this process by getting in touch with your Owners Corporation manager.

MFB Fire and Safety on balconies

This poster is a great handy guide for all who live in an apartment, townhouse or unit complex with balconies.

In fact, anyone with a balcony would benefit from memorising some of these tips. Most of them can also apply to backyards, too.

The majority of high-rise building fires start because owners place ignition sources inappropriately.

A fire can start from something as simple as one resident flicking a cigarette off their balcony and onto someone else’s.

You can’t control other people’s behaviour, but you can control what’s on your balcony.

This poster from the MFB will help you make your balcony – and therefore your building – a much safer place.


These short videos are a good watch for anyone living in a high-rise building.

Check them out and share them with your community.

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