Four reasons your manager should attend your body corporate meetings

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If you are a member of your  Owners Corporation’s committee, you’ll knows that it can be a lot to take on.

Whether you live in a 10-lot development or a 100-lot development, many of the problems Owners Corporations and their committee members face are the same.

More often than not, these problems relate to resolving disputes – either between lot owners and tenants or the Owners Corporation itself and an occupant or outside contractor.

For volunteers – often with no experience in matters such as defect rectification, dispute resolution or managing contractors – it can be a lot to take on.

That is why Strata Plan believes so strongly that only Owners Corporation committees who conduct their business in a collaborative and cohesive nature are truly able to co-create amazing life spaces.

Every Owners Corporation operates on a balance of dependencies that make a shared approach to shared living an absolute must.

The owners rely on the smooth functioning of the Owners Corporation, which relies on the active contribution of owners, who depend on Strata Plan for guidance and other contractors for the performance of their duties.

Two of the most important parties in that process is the Owners Corporation Committee and the Owners Corporation (Strata) Manager.

The best medium for that collaboration to occur is at Committee Meetings.

Strata Plan encourages all the Owners Corporation committees to arrange quarterly committee meetings and highly recommends its own attendance at those meetings.


Here’s four simple reasons…


Inviting your Owners Corporation (Strata) Manager to your Owners Corporation committee meetings is handy for several reasons.
Perhaps one of the most obvious is that it allows Strata Plan to establish a formal agenda for the meeting.

Meeting Agenda
This is one less thing you or another committee member must worry about and helps to save time at the meeting itself by setting clear guidelines for what is to be discussed and what decisions need to be made.

Strata Plan will circulate the agenda and related materials – such as contractor quotes, proposals, or other relevant documents – prior to the meeting, ensuring that everyone has time to review the agenda and consider their position on the items to be discussed.

Time is precious, so a proper agenda prepared by an expert will help you keep your meeting on track.


Imagine getting together with your committee members, spending an hour discussing a range of topics and sending a list of resolutions to your Strata Manager a couple of days after, only to find out some of those resolutions are not permissible under the Owners Corporation Act (VIC) 2006?

That would not happen if you had your Strata Manager at the meeting.

Expert Manager in meeting
Inviting your Strata Manager to your Owners Corporation Committee meetings ensures that your meeting is kept on track and the decision made are relevant and permissible under the Act.

You will get instant feedback on your Owners Corporations options on a number of issues and access to expertise and experience with respect to how other committees have dealt with similar issues before.


It is one thing to conduct the meeting in a timely fashion, and another to type up and distribute the minutes accurately and efficiently.

The minutes of your committee meetings are records of the Owners Corporation (with few notable exceptions), so their accuracy is paramount.

Attention to Details discussion
You’ve already given up enough of your time to attend the meeting, consider the agenda and provide your thoughts on behalf of your fellow owners, so why not leave the minute-taking to an experienced professional?

Strata Plan staff take minutes for every Owners Corporation meeting they attend and that includes committee meetings.

If our staff prepared the agenda, then minute-taking and distributing will be done quickly and efficiently.

That means you have more time to focus on the important things in your life with confidence that your minutes are being looked after.


There are few things our Strata Managers hate more than receiving committee meeting minutes from a meeting they weren’t able to attend.

More often than not, these minutes are hard to understand, devoid of context and fail to provide clear instructions for the manager to follow.

Clear Instruction Meetings
An Owners Corporation (Strata) Manager who attends a meeting is able to clarify all details of your committee’s instruction on the day and take those back to our office with a clear understanding of what your committee wants to achieve for your Owners Corporation and the instructions we have been provided to help achieve it.

This makes for much more efficient management of everyone’s time and ensures the greatest amount of collaboration and co-creation for you, your fellow owners, and all your building’s occupants.

Curious about when your next committee meeting is? Get in touch with us or give us a call!


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