Friendships is the lock, and communication is the key 

Today, one of our OC managers finished their very first AGM, and it went really well! 


At Strata Plan, we pride ourselves in a personalised approach, instead of a one size fits all. To accomplish this, we make sure we develop friendships, encourage open communications and collaboration, and most importantly, we get stuff done.  


This won’t be one of those elaborately prepared wins. This is an example of a small win that makes the job worthwhile.  


A recent AGM in Brighton was chaired by one of our OC managers, who Despite being with the team for almost a year,  hadn’t had the pleasure of arranging an AGM for this property as of yet. 


Although the AGM hadn’t been held, the Manager had been in contact with the committee from day one. Over the last few months, the committee communicated multiple requests to the OC manager and Strata Plan team.   


Months of slowly building the trust and the friendship has proven to be effective, as yesterday’s AGM was a success.  


We’re always proud and happy when we successfully match an OC manager  with a committee.  


We don’t just assign “buildings” to OC managers. We hand-pick and carefully select properties based on known preferences and personalities of a committee and the properties requirements.  


Ensuring that compatibility ensures that we provide a hassle-free experience for our customers and our people. 


While this particular win doesn’t sound like much, we at Strata Plan celebrate these little wins and consider them as the foundations to later on help the Owners Corporation thrive and get big wins.   


If you’re looking for a company who will ensure you get assigned to an OC manager and a team of experts that are the best fit for your OC, contact Strata Plan today! 


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