The importance of attending your Owners Corporation’s Annual General Meeting

As we approach the end of another financial year, our Owners Corporation Managers are busy working with Committees and Lot Owners for a jam-packed Annual General Meeting season.


Now more than ever is an important time to be involved in, and to support, your Owners Corporation and Owners Corporation Committee by attending the AGM—virtually or via phone.


AGM’s are open to all Owners and their Proxies and provide Owners with the opportunity to review the financials for their Owners Corporations, set a budget for the new financial year, discuss matters relating to your property’s insurance, general repairs and maintenance and other general business.


Owners Corporations are a collaborative effort. As a manager, Strata Plan can only act on the instructions of the Owners as a collective—these annual meetings are the most important and efficient technique for this to occur. So, if you have never attended an AGM before, get in touch with Strata Plan and arrange to attend virtually or via phone call—making it easier than ever to fit into everyone’s busy schedules.


Key benefits of attending your AGM:

  • Learn more about how your property is run and managed by your Committee throughout the year.
  • Meet your fellow Owners and Committee—collaboration is key!
  • Build a relationship with your Manager to ensure collaborative work for the year ahead. Lot Owners are the eyes and ears of the OC and we rely on their input—especially now that our OC Managers cannot attend site as much as we would like to due to restrictions from the Government.
  • Have your say about issues that may be impacting your property and fellow Lot Owners.


Meeting the other members of your Owners Corporation and getting to know your Owners Corporation Manager can give you the insight on how the property is managed in a way that cannot be explained in paper. So make sure you don’t miss yours!


Not sure when your next AGM is?


Missed your previous Annual General Meeting and want to know what’s been discussed? Give us a call! (1300 278 728) or send us an email at


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