It’s important to celebrate the wins of your team

To all my connections,

We at Strata Plan came to two realisations:

1. We want to focus on the success of our team from a customer standpoint. Our mission is to provide a hassle-free experience, and this means achieving Wins for our customers.

2. We want to talk about the “Strata Plan Jargon” – which is our buzz words- and letting everyone in on what we mean. That’s the purpose of my posts.
It’s interesting because our content and marketing team has suggested a “leadership series” to post on my LinkedIn, similar to my previous posts.

But I’d rather be real and talk about real stuff that happens behind the scenes here at Strata Plan.

I won’t talk about me, we want to focus on our customers. Focus on the team. Focus on the people who bring our vision to life.

Strata Plan does not stand on one person alone. Strata Plan is made up of a world-class team of experts, who strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience.

The thing is, I personally feel like some of our people are underappreciated.
In an industry that’s notorious for working in the background, some tend to only see the one bad thing in 5 years of great service and develop opinions of us without seeing the bigger picture, without seeing the blood sweat and tears that happen behind closed doors.

So, I’ll be here more often shedding light on some of the amazing work the team does.

It really is a humbling experience to work with such a passionate team and I can’t wait to further share this passion for service with everyone, because I truly believe every OC deserves a hassle-free experience.

So, next week I’ll talk about what we mean when we say hassle-free experience. Till then, feel free to reach out, anytime!


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