Perseverance: At Strata Plan, we remind ourselves that failure is temporary, and there is greatness ahead

He is known across the globe for being an amazing athlete. With 28 Olympic medals in 5 Olympics under the belt, 23 of them are gold medals. 


Michael Phelps is an astonishingly amazing Olympic swimmer.  


Phelps first competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics when he was only 15. While he did not win a gold that year, he managed to set several world records, and his list of accomplishments since then is proof that perseverance and grit pay off.  



That in itself is a massive lesson for us all.

Fail early 

At Strata Plan, we do our best to never fear failures- because we find perseverance in failures. It comes from failing and getting back up. 


Without failure, we will never become resilient.


Did you know that Phelps was training for at least 6 hours daily, starting from 4 in the morning? To maintain peak physical and mental ability, he had to consume 12,000 calories and perform visualisation while swimming. Did you also know that while people only saw his glory and success, he lived with ADHD the whole time?


With his main focus on the gold, he has managed to bounce back every time to continue his record of success. Never once has he lost sight of his main goal. That is perseverance.

Don’t trust luck. Trust perseverance and sacrifice.

Did you know that millions of businesses have failed within the first three years of them starting up? 


Many usually see the prestige of being successful, the cool and hip working space, the people walking around in expensive suits and people singing the praises of their latest success, maybe a nice fancy car.  


That is not the full reality. There’s always a story behind it, and it’s usually a painful one.


When I first started Strata Plan, I’ve sacrificed a lot of my family time to put more hours into the business. I wanted to be there for my children and wife, but I also had my heart set to build a successful business and fulfill a vision.


To overcome this challenge, I changed my work schedule to make sure I can spend more time with my family. Instead of working from 7 am to 10 pm, I started my workday at 4.00 am and got everything done to make it home by 7 pm. I sacrificed to make room for things that I cared about.


Perseverance is the never-ending effort to do something despite failures or difficulties.

Perseverance: the key ingredient to team success

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by talented people who help make Strata Plan number 1. While I always try to inspire them, more often than not, they inspire me. Here are some of their quotes:


“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers, and business.” -K.Mitchell


“Perseverance is similar to creating diamonds. Are you a rock or a diamond?” – M.Seminara


“Michael Phelps reminds me of the difficult times during training and teaches me to be disciplined and humble. I’ve met Phelps in person and he is a humble person, which is another attribute I often see in Strata Plan,” – S. De Silva (former Commonwealth games swimmer)


At Strata Plan, we know that providing a hassle-free experience for our customers is not easy. Being an expert is even harder. Being world-class is basically like shooting for the clouds. 


But Strata Plan perseveres because we want to be outstanding, world-class experts that our customers can rely on. That our customers deserve. Because we believe they deserve better. And with perseverance, we know we can achieve all this, for them.  


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