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Owners Corporations should be a hassle-free experience, but as anyone involved in Owners Corporations knows, this isn’t always the case. 


Even finding out information about your own property can seem like some sort of riddle.


Strata Plan’s online portal brings all your Owners Corporation information together in one place. Don’t waste time rummaging through piles of documents and building information. It can all be accessed in one central hub that’s available to committee members, lot owners, tenants, and their managing agents.


If you’re a lot owner, you’ll be able to view additional Owners Corporation information, such as your financial position, any outstanding levies, as well as meeting agendas and minutes.


Committee members have a higher level of access, with the ability to approve invoices, view the Owners Corporation’s full finances, and more.


Tenants and managing agents have restricted access, but can still view important building notices.


Have you provided Strata Plan with an email address before? You’re probably already registered for your building’s online portal! (We’re pretty smart like that).


If you haven’t provided your details, simply fill out our Contact Details Form and we’ll handle the rest.


Once you have all the information you need, click the button below to log-in to your online Owners Corporation portal.


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If you would like to contact us with any queries please complete the form below and we will respond to you within 2 business days.


(If you don’t know your Plan Number, click here. You can also find your Plan of Subdivision Number on your fee notice)

We CARE about

You & Your


If you’re looking for worry-free Owners Corporation services 24/7 365, Strata Care is the solution for you. Providing access to a range of value-driven services not offered by regular programs, Strata Care is here to help you with emergency and everyday care—both during and after hours.

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