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As Victoria’s leading Owners Corporation managers, it would be easy to make this all about us, but at Strata Plan, it’s really all about you. No matter what size or shape your strata title takes, our team will make your shared ownership experience a seamless one through a range of tailored services.


Whether you’re a newbie in the world of Owners Corporation management or a committee member who is looking fora modern, innovative way of managing your Owners Corporation, we’ve got you covered.


Don’t put up with Owners Corporation “yes-men” who offer the same tired solutions that never worked in the first place. Collaborate with our Owners Corporation managers for a tailored service and put an end to the headaches.

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Strata Plan is the only organisation, hand selected from over 800+ Victorian managers, by Industry experts Macquarie Bank, to sit on the Australian Strata Board, for being at the forefront of industry innovation & change!

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