Showing determination, even for the little things

At Strata Plan, we always like to talk about the wins we do for our customers. However, we came to the realization that while we enjoy celebrating the occasional big win (like our passion for cladding), what makes Strata Plan number 1 is our perseverance in making sure we deliver the best outcomes, even for the little things.


Quick Facts:
  • The Committee of a new property complained about the OC’s water meter configuration and billing
  • Strata Plan discussed with the water utility company and arranged an inspection that found the meter faulty
  • The meter was repaired but there remained the question of a refund
  • It took months, but Strata Plan’s perseverance in following up has paid off, granting the owners corporation (OC) a credit of $1,200


In August of 2021, the committee of a property we manage in Northcote had requested the OC manager to assist in investigating an apparent spike in the water bill. The water bill seemed higher than normal, despite residents claiming that their water usage has not changed much. The bill for $1280 was excessive for a property of this size.


The OC manager wasted no time in contacting the water utility company to request for an inspection of the water meters. Because of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions at the time, and since this matter was not listed as urgent by the water utility company, it was taking longer than the OC would have liked, to resolve the issue. The Strata Plan team ensured continuous communication and follow-up to resolve the issue.


By late August, the inspection was completed, and the faulty meter was detected. Thankfully, there was no leak that required repairs. The faulty meter was replaced by the water utility company, and they called it a day. But the question of the excess charges due to the faulty meter remained in Strata Plan’s mind. After consulting with the committee, a refund was requested from the water utility company and a $1,200 credit to the account was offered.


This may be a small win, but these are the kinds of things our team does for our customers, every day.


While we enjoy and celebrate our big wins, there are thousands of small wins that we achieve and celebrate with our customers every day.




Because at Strata Plan, It’s about YOU <3


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