Another One! $1,129,848.53 for our customers in Bay Road, Sandringham

Strata Plan wins for our customers yet again.

Following our initial wins of $1.5M and $1.6M, Strata Plan is happy to announce a third win for our customers in a building in Bay Road, Sandringham, totalling a whopping $1,129,848.53.

These funds come from the $600M program from Cladding Safety Victoria,  who works with owners corporations to make sure that eligible buildings found to have high-extreme risk rated cladding are safe and compliant with all building regulations.

The building in Bay Road, Sandringham previously has cladding material with Aluminium composite panel (ACP). The Minister for Planning announced a prohibition on the use of the external wall cladding products ACP for any building work in connection with buildings of Type A and Type B construction, effective 1 February 2021.

An aluminium composite panel (ACP) is made up of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a polymer core. It is the polymer core that makes this product dangerous in a fire. Aluminium composite panels with a polymer core are combustible. They have the potential to spread fire up and around the building façade, and melt and drop molten material to the ground. They may also fall off a building in large pieces and cause spot fires away from the building.

Changing the cladding material for this building ensures that they have compliant cladding and that the residents and tenants in the building can rest easy knowing that their building is safer.

This is only the third building in a long list of eligible Strata Plan-managed buildings that we have successfully secured funding for. Stay tuned for more Cladding wins.

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