Running Tally for cladding wins: $4,235,504.64 – that’s only for 3 buildings, many more to go!

So we just want to provide you with a quick update so far on our #StrataPlanWins cladding streak.

We always say that at Strata Plan, it’s about YOU – and we take this promise very seriously. As an Owners Corporation Manager, Strata Plan is committed to ensuring that the buildings we manage are safe, and we are leading the charge in championing the very best for our customers. To date, we have saved our customers $4,235,504.64 in cladding rectification funding.

We are definitely looking to make sure that our customers get access to the $600M program  for rectification works on buildings that might have high-risk cladding, making sure they’re safe and compliant with all building regulations.

That’s only three (3) of our buildings, and we won’t stop working to make sure that every eligible building gets property audited and declared safe.

Here’s a summary of our wins!

A building in Miller St, Brunswick East $1,503,770.35
A building in Miller St, Brunswick East $1,601,885.70
A building in Bay Road, Sandringham $1,129,848.53
Stay tuned for more updates, because there’s plenty more coming.

Want to know if your building is eligible for these kinds of amazing savings? Contact us via this form or give us a call!


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