Strata Plan’s cladding passion: what we’re doing for our customers

One of the best ways to make sure your home is well maintained is making sure that the foundations are done right. One important aspect is ensuring that your property has compliant cladding.

Cladding is the application of one material over another, providing an additional layer. From a construction standpoint, it serves as an extra “skin” on the exterior of a building, providing sound thermal insulation and increased fire resistance.

Reducing the risk of fire in a building is important. Depending on the materials used for your building, effective cladding can increase or decrease the risk of fire damage, as well as also ensuring that in the event of such an accident, that residents inside the building will be safely evacuated.


In 2014, a Melbourne apartment suffered a fire that raced up the aluminum composite cladding on the building’s exterior.  Coupled with the more recent Spencer Street fire in 2019, there’s a renewed concern for Melbourne buildings using potentially combustible materials as cladding in high-rise apartments.


To combat this, the Victorian Government established a Victorian Cladding Taskforce to investigate and address the use of non-compliant building materials in Victoria. Following the recommendations of the taskforce, a Statewide Cladding Audit was established and Cladding Safety Victoria was set-up, overseeing a $600M program aiming to make Victorians safer by reducing the risk associated with combustible cladding on residential apartment buildings and publicly owned buildings. 


As an Owners Corporation Manager, Strata Plan is committed to ensuring that the buildings we manage are made safer in relation to fire risk, and we are leading the charge in championing the very best for our customers.

Currently, Strata Plan is assisting at least twenty-one (21) buildings which are in the Cladding Safety Victoria Program. Our expert team is working with the Owners Corporations of these buildings, working with the committees, securing the right documents, making sure the submissions are correct, and eventually engaging with various stakeholders throughout the project.

Although Strata Plan’s assistance does not affect the result of Cladding Safety Victoria’s decision, our resilience, assistance, and expert guidance make the experience of organising and submitting the required paperwork a hassle-free one.


We’ll post more updates as we go.


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