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Most Owners Corporation managers fall into the trap of hoping and praying that new owners will go out of their way to provide their contact details or that solicitors will provide complete details on behalf of their clients. The result is poor Owners Corporation records and months, sometimes years, of broken communication. Strata Plan does not accept the status quo and embraces our incoming customers with our industry-first onboarding process.

CASE STUDY: Owners Corporation 2A Major Street, Highett


  • 40-lot, residential and commercial development on the corner of Major Street and Highett Road, Highett
  • Strata Plan worked with Steller, the original developer, to collect incoming purchaser information
  • As settlement approached, it was clear that traffic management on Major Street could make move in difficult for customers
  • Information collected from onboarding process allowed Strata Plan to communicate with customers, resulting in owners booking their move-ins and a much-improved customer experience

At Strata Plan we face the same challenges every other Owners Corporation manager does.The difference is in our creativity and willingness to push the boundaries in the never-ending search for better than best practices.

In 2016, Strata Plan commenced an in-depth onboarding process with our partners, including Steller, looking to raise the bar for our mutual customers.

The developer entrusted Strata Plan to ensure their customer’s property purchase and ownership experience continues beyond settlement and that means waiting for weeks or months for new owners or their solicitors to maybe send their contact details is unacceptable.

Strata Plan worked with the developer and selling agents to compile a list of incoming purchasers, complete with contact emails, phone numbers and postal addresses, for each of their developments allowing us to ensure our records are as accurate as possible even months before settlement and move-ins.

And beyond that, Strata Plan adds extra value by attending pre-settlement inspections to meet and educate incoming owners about what it means to be a member of an Owners Corporation, confirm contact details and proactively answer any questions owners may have.

This exercise provided added value in early 2017 when it became apparent that as settlement approached at 2A Major Street, Highett, the presence of traffic management on the street would make it difficult for new owners and/or tenants to move into the property.

While most Owners Corporation managers would have had to brace themselves for angry calls as people sought access to the building, Strata Plan was able to effectively notify customers and prompt them to book their move-ins, resulting in a smooth start to life in new surrounds for our customers.

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