Going above and beyond the call of duty

Managing a building is not just a 9-5 job. While some might adopt the clock-in clock-out approach, at Strata Plan, we care about the building all its residents, all the time. At Strata Plan, it’s about YOU and we make do on this promise by making sure we always go above and beyond.


Case Study:  The Lantern (193-205 Wellington St. Collingwood, VIC)

On October 30th, Maria, an incoming resident, has booked a move-in time with the building manager, Jason. It was scheduled for 1:00PM – 2:00 PM. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan and Maria’s removalist was late.


She would have had to book in another move-in date/time, which would have resulted in her move to be even more stressful. But at Strata Plan, it’s about the customer, and Jason empathized with Maria, ensuring that he was able to accommodate and assist in any way possible.


The few minutes turned into an hour. And then two, and then three.


By then Jason’s “working” hours had ended, yet he chose to stay back, determined to make sure that Maria will be settled in her new home that day. He even went as far as making other arrangements to have his children picked up from school.


This proved to be the best choice, as without the authorized building manager on-site, Maria’s 4.5 tonne truck would have had trouble securing a parking space, and unloading her belongings would have been very delayed, and extremely difficult.


Going above and beyond his call of duty, Jason has embodied what a true Strata Plan hero is, and making sure that everything in the building, as well as everyone in it, is well taken care of.


Maria would then later email Jason’s boss, commending him for his dedication to the residents and recognizing that The Lantern residents is fortunate to have someone as friendly and helpful as Jason.

At Strata Plan, we constantly strive to provide the most ideal experience for our customers, and it’s feedback like these that helps us define that experience.

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