Converting a loss into a Strata Plan Win

When faced with unexpected challenges, it’s always good to know that someone’s got your back, ready to fight battles for you.

These unexpected challenges always mean stress- and with Strata Plan, we strive to provide a hassle-free experience for our customers every day.

Just last month, we saved our customers over at a property in Bent Street in McKinnon a total of $8,110.00 in call-out fees as a result of multiple false alarms, due to defector contamination.

Over the course of 2021, multiple call-outs have been raised with Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV). However, these calls proved to be false alarms.

A false alarm occurs when FRV attends an incident to find there is no emergency and no need for firefighting or other expertise. These false alarms result in charges as they have an impact on emergency service delivery and business resources.

The false alarms in the property were due to detector contamination. While your Owners Corporation tries its best to prevent such issues with regular maintenance activities performed by your Essential Safety Measures contractor, upon further investigation, it was found that the persistent issue was due to inadequate installation of various materials by the builder.

The detector contamination was caused by intermittent airflow and was intruding the Fire Panel Cupboard. This was a unique and rare situation.

Despite this, the call-outs have still been made and the Owners Corporation was being charged a total of $8,110.00.

This was an issue that is not the fault of the Owners Corporation, but rather a result of poor construction by the builder, Strata Plan has assisted the Owners Corporation with appointing a new contractor to oversee essential safety services, as well as engaging with FRV’s finance department.

We make sure we fight for our customers as best we can, fighting battles and winning for them. We did not just give up and accept the fees – we persevered to make sure we deliver the best possible outcome for our customers.

Our team has also identified a change in FRV’s process, which means that the Owners Corporation did not get the same chance as everybody else to request a re-evaluation.

This gave us a better chance to appeal the fees.

After months of consistent communication, Strata Plan’s team were able to appeal fees, coordinate the rectification and give our customers a win, instead of absorbing a loss.

That $8,110.00 loss would have cost each individual owner an extra $261.61, without taking lot liabilities into account.

One of our values is being People’s People. Our relationship with our customers is more important than just transactions. We go above and beyond and we fight for them every day.

This is just one of the dozens of instances of wins that we have on a daily basis. Our team is unsung heroes, working in the background so that our customers can enjoy their Life Spaces.  


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