Three things to do after your owners corporation’s annual general meeting

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With another Annual General Meeting (AGM) season almost in the books, it is important for owners to remember that being a member of your Owners Corporation does not start and end with a General Meeting.


An Annual General Meeting is a great time for all owners to come together and look at the past 12 months, as well as plan for the next 12 months.


Despite this, our statistics show that on average less than 30 percent of owners will attend their Annual General Meeting, meaning that a minority of owners are required to make decisions for the majority of owners.


This will continue throughout the year, as the committee of owners – a group of between 3 and 12 owners elected by their peers at the AGM – will continue to make decisions on behalf of all owners throughout the year.


That committee of volunteers will work with Strata Plan and a range of other stakeholders, from contractors and service providers to managing agents and tenants.


Here are three simple things owners can do after their Annual General Meeting.



All owners will receive a copy of their property’s AGM minutes. These minutes will be sent to your nominated address via their preferred method (either email or post).
This is just another reason why it is so important to ensure you provide Strata Plan with your best contact details.


NOTE: To update your contact details, please fill out our online form:


The minutes of your meeting outline the motions discussed and the actions to be taken as a result of the meeting. These minutes will also be made available on your Customer Portal.


If less than 50 percent of the owners based on lot entitlements attended the meeting, the resolutions made at the meeting will be classified as “interim resolutions”. This means that the decisions will not become active resolutions until 28 days after the date of the meeting and provides those who didn’t attend with the opportunity to object to any resolutions.


If more than 25% of owners object to a resolution, then the AGM will need to be re-held.


You might notice that this year, most action items will have a number next to the title.


These numbers are case numbers and are unique to that particular action item and are your point of reference should you need to call our office and discuss any items which were discussed at your AGM. See the below example…


If there are three things you should check with urgency, they are the motions for:


  • Budgets and Fees – this will tell you what budget has been set for the current financial year
  • Maintenance Plan – this will tell you if the owners at the meeting wished to obtain/implement a Maintenance Plan (Learn more about Maintenance Plans HERE).
  • General Repairs and Maintenance – this will tell you what/if any common property repairs and maintenance items were proposed to the meeting and what the owners present wanted to do about them.



Whether you were at the meeting or not, just because an issue was not raised at the Annual General Meeting, does not mean it is doomed to not be discussed for another 12 months.


Owners, occupants, contractors, and even visitors can always report issues at your property to the Strata Plan office.


As your Owners Corporation Manager, Strata Plan will record the issue as it is brought to our attention and let the elected committee know that it has been raised.
From there, your Owners Corporation committee will discuss the issue and provide instructions to the Strata Manager.


As it is not uncommon for Strata Plan to hold AGMs where no owner-occupiers are present, it can often happen that the people in attendance at the meeting are not at the property every day and therefore some items may not have been discussed.


While attending your AGMs is the best way to bring these items to the attention of your fellow owners, owners can always make the issues known to our office.


In most instances, Strata Plan will not be able to take immediate action and will need to take instruction from your Owners Corporation committee.



This one is for the lucky owners who attended the meeting and decided to nominate for the Owners Corporation committee.


In Strata Plan’s Owners Corporation management experience, it has become clear that the committees which have meetings deliver the best outcomes for their Owners Corporation.


If you nominated to volunteer on your Owners Corporation committee, then it is Strata Plan’s recommendation that you meet with your fellow committee members at least twice a year between AGMs.


This will allow you and your committee a much better forum to discuss any reports that come in throughout the year, discuss any advice or correspondence that has come through from your Strata Manager or other service providers and provide clear instructions to your Strata Manager on what you would like to happen next.


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