What can we learn from the Moso Tree?

When I was very young, a friend of my father told me about the philosophy of the Moso tree, a Chinese bamboo tree. It taught me about hard work, focus, patience, resilience, perseverance, and consistency. This is one of the stories that has eventually become one of my biggest inspirations to plant my dream. I want to have a team of world-class experts delivering a hassle-free Owners Corporation Management Experience.


The Moso tree doesn’t show any growth during its first five years. But underneath the ground, it’s growing its roots and laying its foundation. Still, it’s important to always nurture and water it to lay the solid foundation to grow healthy roots. Patience is key, and there should be that belief that the tree will one day grow. Then after five years, it will grow from one foot to about 90 feet in only four weeks. The strong wind will come and blow on it. But the wind will not be able to topple the Moso tree. It’s almost as if you’re watching the tree growing right before your very eyes.


Cultivating patience

Strata Plan was never created to be like the rest. We want to be different, and we want to be better. We believe our customers deserve better, and achieving such a high standard in an archaic and reactive industry requires a lot of patience.


Patience is an important factor in our business, and we want to apply patience in people. Our customers, our team members, contractors, and other various stakeholders. An Owners Corporation is like an ecosystem, with a myriad of personalities. To handle one requires a lot of patience. 


And that’s where I started from- just one building. It took me a decade and a half, really. But like the Moso tree, we grew the business from the two little desks at the back of my dad’s printing factory, to managing over a thousand buildings across Victoria, and tens of thousands of happy customers.


Drawing inspiration from the Moso tree – by slowly building our foundation, hiring good people, and nurturing the business no matter what came our way. Despite the pandemic, we have grown our team, with thousands of contractors working with us to provide the best possible service you can find in the industry. We’re number one for a reason, and our dedication to our craft is what sets us apart.


Building the right foundations before growth

Growth is the only real indication of long-term success. And I believe in building the right foundations (the bamboo roots) before we grow. 


Expanding and growing too fast without steady foundations could potentially affect our success. Before pursuing our growth ambitions, we took a step back and set a solid foundation to face the ups and downs, twists and turns of managing a business. Strata Plan’s roots and foundations are our people, our culture, and the technology we invest in. 

Strategy for growth

Long before our company experiences substantial growth, we must prepare for the transition into the growth phase. 


But we make sure that we never lose sight of the present, where our business is right now. We have in the past made the mistake of devoting too much of our efforts to anticipating our achievements and selecting the wrong people to help in our vision. But now, I am very humbled to be surrounded by a fantastic team. We focus all our efforts on setting a sequence of goals that get us closer to our mission of providing our customers with a hassle-free experience. 


We grew humbly from only a few staff members to a fantastic team of experts that we have today, and I’m grateful for each and every one of them.


Growing your Moso tree for a better future

It is important to invest patience, resilience, and attention to establish a solid foundation to guarantee a successful future in the early phases. 


We’ve created a strategy and a roadmap with our vision and purpose. After that, we identified where we wanted to go and how we were going to get there- we invested in technology, hired great people, and are confidently scaling for the future. With a strong foundation and building blocks in place, your business, too, will start looking brighter and brighter.


When in doubt, always remember the story of the Moso bamboo tree.


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