What is a hassle-free experience?

At Strata Plan, we strive to provide our customers and our people with a hassle-free experience. But what does this actually mean?


One of our buzz words are: hassle-free. We say this in almost every Strata Plan win we talk about. We try and instill this mission into our people, and into everything we do. Obviously, everyone has a different interpretation of “hassle-free” so, I’m here to clarify what that means, for Strata Plan.


When Strata Plan was created, it wasn’t just for the sake of building a business. We noticed everything was a hassle, for the Managers and the customers, and that the industry was reactive. A single manager was handling more than 80 buildings, with likely almost 2,000 lots, crazy.


 Handling one building is a lot of work. There’s the accounting, the insurance and ensuring the levies are paid. Facilities maintenance needs to be done as well, which means keeping the property clean, and also assisting when there’s repairs or even renovation. Not to mention the urgent ones.


Instead of preventive management, it was reactive management, and it just wasn’t working. To be honest I remember my very first introduction with “Body Corporate” in early 2000s and talking with a Manager back then, listening to how hard his job was, how time-demanding the role was, how burnt out he felt, I just knew, the customers were not getting the service and value that they deserve and nor was it possible for this one guy to provide it.


 That’s why Strata Plan was created.


Strata Plan is founded by real people to challenge an archaic system and bring inspiration to your Life Spaces.


 We value open and honest communication, getting stuff done, and most of all, developing friendships with our customers. We’re not just your OC manager, we’re your friend, who you can call in times of need. We’re the people that will champion and fight for your interests.


A hassle-free experience is not having to be reactive to problems, but actively trying to prevent them, it’s creating new ways of doing things that make it simple, for everyone involved.


A hassle-free experience means you can have the peace of mind that your property is being looked after by the best in the industry. knowing that you have people that care about your building, care about YOU. With expert advice and consistent collaboration, we’ve always got your back.


 You might ask, how is a hassle-free experience possible when one OC manager has dozens of buildings?


 Two words.


Cohesive Collaboration.


At Strata Plan, we recognise that the industry needs a team of world-class experts.  We invest in our people, process and technology that result in cohesive collaboration. This is the recipe for a hassle-free experience.


I’ll elaborate more on what we mean by Cohesive Collaboration. For now, I appreciate your thoughts, comments and feedback.


Have a great rest of the week!


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