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There are a lot of voices in Owners Corporations, and trying to manage them all is enough to give anyone a headache. If only there was a way you could create a thriving Owners Corporation that produces the right outcomes for everyone. That’s where Strata Plan comes in.

When everyone else is shouting “ME!”, Strata Plan puts the focus on YOU. By building strong relationships with every stakeholder, we’re able to solve today’s problems, bring new ideas to the table, and find lasting solutions for you—whether you’re an owner, a tenant, a developer, or a service provider.

You are part of an eco-system, a shared Life Space that many people call home. When you all come together, you can achieve meaningful goals that maintain, streamline, evolve, and enhance your Owners Corporation. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all any of us want?

Don’t put up with Owners Corporation “yes-men” who offer the same tired solutions that never worked in the first place. Collaborate with our Owners Corporation managers for a tailored service and put an end to the headaches.

Strata Plan agrees – You deserve better! That’s why,
we believe and so do industry experts, that we are at
the forefront of our industry in challenging the status
quo to drive revolutionary industry change to surpass
our customer’s needs & expectations.​


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Let’s face it. The industry we are in is an archaic one, filled with the same copy-paste versions of corporate-looking websites, and making everything sound as exciting as a root canal or doing your taxes.

But at Strata Plan, we dare to be different. Not only that, we dare to STAND OUT.

As the industry changes from “body corporate” to Owners Corporation, we also change, bringing our customer service to the next level.

If you’re tired of the same unimaginative approach, and is yearning for that new, hassle-free experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Experience a new approach to strata management and body corp management, and contact Strata Plan today!

See what our customers say about us
We can spend all day talking about us- but at Strata Plan, it’s about YOU. So instead of tooting our own horn, have a read of our customer testimonials, and genuine reviews from our happy customers!


number 1

for a reason

Strata Plan is the only organisation, hand selected from over 800+ Victorian managers, by Industry experts Macquarie Bank, to sit on the Australian Strata Board, for being at the forefront of industry innovation & change!
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