Another win for the Strata Plan team. Same day service, just for YOU

Same day

A property we manage in (suburb) notified the Strata Plan team regarding some rubbish that was dumped on their property’s nature strip. Of course, rubbish on your property is never a good thing, as it is not only an eyesore but, may pose a variety of potential risks, including fire risk, health, and safety, leakage, […]

Friendships is the lock, and communication is the key 


Today, one of our OC managers finished their very first AGM, and it went really well!  At Strata Plan, we pride ourselves in a personalised approach, instead of a one size fits all. To accomplish this, we make sure we develop friendships, encourage open communications and collaboration, and most importantly, we get stuff done.   This […]

Showing determination, even for the little things


At Strata Plan, we always like to talk about the wins we do for our customers. However, we came to the realization that while we enjoy celebrating the occasional big win (like our passion for cladding), what makes Strata Plan number 1 is our perseverance in making sure we deliver the best outcomes, even for […]

Demonstrating expertise to deliver excellent service


At Strata Plan, we pride ourselves in being a world-class team of experts. This means that we are the best in what we do and ensuring that we provide you with a hassle-free experience. Quick Facts: All properties we manage needed to undergo deep-cleaning whenever there was a positive covid case. Strata Plan is always […]

Developing friendships with our customers


So recently we talked about wanting to celebrate small wins, and the topic we want to talk about today pertains to something that took us a while to realise, but we instil in our people every day. Quick facts: We managed a property in Ivanhoe that had been managed by multiple OC managers After multiple […]

$620,000 Home Loan Down the Drain? Not A Chance!

Home loan

Note: This is an article repost, the original article was posted on 21 Sept 2021 Hello, it’s us again! We’ve been talking about cladding for months now and over 1,000 customers not having to pay almost $11,000,000 for cladding rectification out of their own pockets. Yes, we’re counting. Do you ever wonder why cladding is […]

Why we take cladding seriously here at Strata Plan

Cladding safety

At Strata Plan, we’re very passionate about cladding safety. We’ve posted a few articles talking about it, and with over 1,000 customers not having to pay almost $11,000,000 for cladding rectification out of their own pockets, we have come to realise that for some, the topic of cladding might seem too technical. So, we’ve decided […]

Strata Plan’s cladding passion: what we’re doing for our customers

cladding passion

One of the best ways to make sure your home is well maintained is making sure that the foundations are done right. One important aspect is ensuring that your property has compliant cladding. Cladding is the application of one material over another, providing an additional layer. From a construction standpoint, it serves as an extra […]

Finding new ways to improve, every day.

Finding new ways

At Strata Plan, we strive to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience. As much as we want to achieve this mission, sometimes things don’t always go to plan. As such, our promise to our customers is that we find new ways to improve, every day. This is the reality we as a team had […]