StrataPlan is more than a supplier; they are genuine partners providing effective solutions. Thanks to the entire Strata Plan team for their understanding of our shared goal to achieve 'best practice' in our Owners Corporation. Their professional and business-like approach ensures that issues, whether good or challenging, are tackled comprehensively, leaving no stone unturned to achieve optimal outcomes. Grateful for their commitment as true partners.

Archie AuldOwners Corporation Chairperson

I have had a trouble-free run with the residential property I own and have had a very smooth relationship with the Strata Plan managers. The staff at Strata Plan has always been courteous and professional in communicating events and managing the Owners Corporation details of the respective buildings and their common areas. I am confident this positive relationship will continue into the future.

Jim HatzistravrouCommitee Member

As a 24-unit apartment complex in the bay area, we transitioned from self-management to outsourcing with Strata Plan, and it has been a positive experience. From the start, we appreciated their professionalism and personal attention. Strata Plan addressed our transitional concerns and aligned with our long-term and short-term goals. Highly recommended for their commitment to service beyond the minimum requirements and a perfect balance of personal contact that complements their commercial obligations.

James Kalogiros

I have found the team at Strata Plan to be prompt, courteous but most all proactive to ensure any issue is resolved both quickly and effectively. It’s refreshing to deal with an Owners Corporation manager that is both passionate about their work and proud of the properties they represent as the strata manager.

Ernie CaputaCommittee Member

Having a portfolio of investment properties requires astute management from our Strata managers. Strata Plan consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty. There is no problem too big or small and we are comfortable knowing that they will follow through with any issues that may arise. Dealing with the Strata Plan team is always a pleasure and I would like to thank them for their continued and ongoing support. Of course, we will recommend Strata Plan to our families and friends.

Frank PetruzzelliOwner

During the crunch period in a development when the subdivision finally registered and settlements are imminent, it’s a considerable relief to find the developer has appointed a firm like Strata Plan to manage the Owners Corporation. I know that everything will be taken care of, that I will receive professional and proper certificates when I need them, and if I call with a question- then Strata Plan will have or find the answer for me. As a result, I refer clients to them wherever possible.

Lyndall Turner FrenkelPartners, Business Partner

Everyone has to work together. I couldn’t do what I do as a chairperson if I didn’t have help from other owners who live at the property or Strata Plan who help us turn our ideas into reality. Everyone from Strata Plan who has worked with us have always been very receptive to our ideas and proactive in making them happen.

Renee WhittenOwners Corporation Chairperson
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