Access Device Request Order Form (To Order Keys/FOBs/Swipe)

Need extra devices – such as garage remotes or fobs – to access your building? Order them here.

Car Stacker / Lift Induction Request Form

Just moved into a building with a car stacker / car lift ? You need to be inducted before you can use your building's car parking system. Use this form to book an induction with your property's car stacker / lift provider.

Certificate of Currency

Need insurance details? Order a Certificate of Currency here.

Enquiry Form

All general queries about your Owners Corporation and/or Strata Plan should be made here.

Lot Modification Request Form

Planning some changes to your apartment? Whether you are planning a full-scale renovation or a simple awning, you need to seek approval from your Owners Corporation using this form.

Move-In / Move-Out Form

Let Strata Plan know of your moving in or out from your property using this form.

Owner Corporation Certificates

Need an Owners Corporation Certificate for a Contract of Sale or any other reason? Order online here.

Owner Details Form

Make sure Strata Plan has your best contact details by filling out this form. Includes a section for Managing Agent details.

Owners Corporation Complaint Form

Have a complaint you would like to raise with your Owners Corporation? Fill out this form to raise it with your Owners Corporation committee.

Penalty Interest / Debt Recovery Fee Waiver Request Form

Use this form to apply to have your penalty interest/debt recovery interest waived. Please Note: Strata Plan will not make a decision on your application. Only your Owners Corporation has the power to waive penalty interest/debt recovery interest.

Pet Request Form

Do you want to keep a pet on your property? Your Owners Corporation needs a record. Fill out this form to register your pet (subject to Owners Corporation approval).

Proxy Form

Can’t make a meeting of your Owners Corporation? Want to send someone in your place? You need to fill out this proxy form.

Quote Form

Interested in a Strata Management proposal? Fill out this quick form to get a quote.

Request to Inspect Register and/or Records

Fill this form out to arrange a time to inspect your Owners Corporation’s register of owners and/or records.

Signage Installation / Removal Request Form

Looking to sell your property? Need an advertisement board put up? Use this form to seek approval from your Owners Corporation.

Statement Request Form

Need a statement for tax time or a general statement? Use this form to request a statement of your Owners Corporation account.

Temporary Access Form

Internet or Foxtel coming to make a connection? Need temporary access to a locked utility meter? Arrange access with this form.

We CARE about

You & Your


If you’re looking for worry-free Owners Corporation services 24/7 365, Strata Care is the solution for you. Providing access to a range of value-driven services not offered by regular programs, Strata Care is here to help you with emergency and everyday care—both during and after hours.

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