Need extra devices – such as garage remotes or fobs – to access your building? Order them here.

Just moved into a building with a car stacker / car lift ? You need to be inducted before you can use your building’s car parking system. Use this form to book an induction with your property’s car stacker / lift provider.

Need insurance details? Order a Certificate of Currency here.

Make sure Strata Plan has your best contact details by filling out this form. Includes a section for Managing Agent details.

Planning some changes to your apartment? Whether you are planning a full-scale renovation or a simple awning, you need to seek approval from your Owners Corporation using this form.

Let Strata Plan know of your moving in or out from your property using this form.

Need an Owners Corporation Certificate for a Contract of Sale or any other reason? Order online here.

Have a complaint you would like to raise with your Owners Corporation? Fill out this form to raise it with your Owners Corporation committee.

Use this form to apply to have your penalty interest/debt recovery interest waived. Please Note: Strata Plan will not make a decision on your application. Only your Owners Corporation has the power to waive penalty interest/debt recovery interest.

Do you want to keep a pet on your property? Your Owners Corporation needs a record. Fill out this form to register your pet (subject to Owners Corporation approval).

Can’t make a meeting of your Owners Corporation? Want to send someone in your place? You need to fill out this proxy form.

Interested in a Strata Management proposal? Fill out this quick form to get a quote.

Fill this form out to arrange a time to inspect your Owners Corporation’s register of owners and/or records.

Looking to sell your property? Need an advertisement board put up? Use this form to seek approval from your Owners Corporation.

Need a statement for tax time or a general statement? Use this form to request a statement of your Owners Corporation account.

Internet or Foxtel coming to make a connection? Need temporary access to a locked utility meter? Arrange access with this form.

Enquiry Form

All general queries about your Owners Corporation and/or Strata Plan should be made here.

If you would like to contact us with any queries please complete the form below and we will respond to you within 2 business days.


(If you don’t know your Plan of Subdivision Number, click here. You can also find your Plan of Subdivision Number on your fee notice)

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If you’re looking for worry-free Owners Corporation services 24/7 365, Strata Care is the solution for you. Providing access to a range of value-driven services not offered by regular programs, Strata Care is here to help you with emergency and everyday care—both during and after hours.

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