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Strata Management, Body Corporate, Owners Corporation, whatever you may call it, you need solutions that last, good ideas that actually work, and someone to bring it all together. Luckily, Strata Plan is here to help. Strata Plan’s tailored body corp services are all about you. 


Whether you’re an owner, a tenant, a developer, or a service provider, Strata Plan will make sure your unique eco-system can thrive. From a subtle guiding hand to a less-than-subtle suite of services, Strata Plan can provide assistance for even the trickiest Owners Corporation set-ups.  

How can we help? 

Our flexible Owners Corporation and Body Corporate services ensure that you get the best service. We have almost two decades of industry experience in body corporate management, comprising of expert teams to make sure you get everything you need, at any time. Yes that’s right-  we have an emergency line that you can call, when you need us the most! 


So if you’re looking for the best strata management in Melbourne, what are you waiting for? Partner with Strata Plan Today ! 


Providing your Owners Corporation with a hassle-free experience, so that you can enjoy your Life Spaces  


If your Owners Corporation is after ‘the works’ with no service spared—and you hold more than four committee meetings per year requiring management attendance (plus your Annual General Meeting)- then the Inspirational Suite has everything you need to be inspired!


We might call it the Silver Suite, but this package is far from second best. The Silver suite is all about helping Owners Corporations who know what they’re good at, know what they need, and know a bargain when they see one! This standard package is for those with no major maintenance, no outstanding legal issues, and who hold no more than three committee meetings per year that require management attendance.
To get a better idea if the Inspirational Suite or the Silver Suite is right for you and your Owner’s Corporation, check out the comparison table


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for a reason

Strata Plan is the only organisation, hand selected from over 800+ Victorian managers, by Industry experts Macquarie Bank, to sit on the Australian Strata Board, for being at the forefront of industry innovation & change!

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Service Silver Inspirational
Generally implement the decisions and instructions of the Owners Corporation with respect to its duties and functions
Attend to queries of Owners Corporation members or related parties (tenants)
Any other service or function performed by the Manager on behalf of the Owners Corporations not included here
Arrange to review, revoke, prepare and lodge Owners Corporation rules
Attending meetings outside hours of 0.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m on weekdays
Online Portal
Provision of online Owners Corporation portal
Management of registration and access to online Owners Corporation portal
Maintain all records of the Owners Corporation
Issue all Owners Corporation certificates and answer reasonable enquiries at the cost of the applicant/enquirer
Deal with routine Inwards and outward correspondence
Keep the records of the Owners Corporation including minutes and postal ballots
Attend Annual General Meetings held during office hours at the Manager’s office or at another place agreed between the Owners Corporation and the Manager
Convene, attend, submit a budget and financial statement to and record minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Submit a report of the Manager’s activities to each Annual General Meeting
Attend meetings outside hours of 9.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m on weekdays or during weekends
Convene, distribute notice for and or attend Special General Meetings and or Committee Meetings
Attendance to & preparation for breaches of rules and dispute resolution
Attendance to & preparation for VCAT
Arrange for minor (<1,000 or 15 minutes) repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property
Arrange for minor (>1,000 or 15 minutes) repairs and maintenance of Owners Corporation property
Facilitating works related to Building Defects
Provide guidance to the Owners Corporation to enable the Owners Corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions, as set out in this clause.
Provide guidance to the Owners Corporation to enable the Owners Corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions, as set out in this clause.
Establish and operate a bank account in the name of the Owners Corporations or a trust account for the Owners Corporation
Keep books of account covering all income and expenditure and assets and liabilities of the Owners Corporation
Issue notice for fees set and specials fees levied by the Owners Corporation
Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the Owners Corporations (provide reasonable funds are held by the Owners Corporation)
Reconciliation of Bank account
Compiling records to enable preparation of accounts for audits, tax, BAS or any other purpose
Arrange insurance or renewal of insurance cover for the Owners Corporation
Arrange a valuation of the cost of reinstalment and replacement of the building/s when requested by the Owners Corporation
Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/brokers (max 15 minutes)
Provide any other insurance services in respect of insurance products offered thorough the authorising licensees as listed in Clause 1.2, or as otherwise authorised by the Australian Financial Services Licence held be the Manager, or the Manager’s employer
Arranging or preparing for insurance cover, quotes, renewal & claims (exceeding 30 minutes)