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Beauty that only a mother could ever love

that only a
MOTHER could
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A modern,
proactive vision for
Owners Corporation

A modern,
proactive vision for
Owners Corporation

Your Owners Corporation is an eco-system, but that doesn’t mean it’s always working in harmony. Everyone has their own motivations and their own worldviews, and all that does is create obstacles to your success.


Strata Plan tears down those obstacles one at a time to bring harmony back to your shared spaces. Better yet, we do the legwork to make sure owners, tenants, developers, and service providers can all work together successfully.


As Victoria’s leading Owners Corporation managers, it would be easy to make this all about us, but at Strata Plan, it’s really all about you. No matter what size or shape your strata title takes, our team will make your shared ownership experience a seamless one through a range of tailored services.


From maintenance to use, accounting to insurance, compliance to cooperation to security to personal freedom; Strata Plan has dedicated experts who tick all the boxes.


Anyone can put out Owners Corporation fires, but Strata plan will actively drive outcomes that make your eco-system a better place to be.


Choose to maintain, streamline, evolve and enhance Life Spaces. Make Owners Corporation management easier and more effective with Strata Plan.


Strata Plan founder Simon Chamaa knows what bad Owners Corporation management looks like. It’s reactive, it’s unimaginative, and when Simon got the chance to manage his first building in 2004, it was all around him in the industry!


So did Simon settle down, cash in, and get comfy with the same old stuff? Well, we wouldn’t be here if he did!


Simon decided to do something that actually worked. And it turned out to be pretty inspirational and industry-defining along the way.


Simon turned his focus to his customer base, and after an intense self-education process, he came to one core realisation. Each Owners Corporation is an eco-system of shared ownership, and what they really need is someone to help them co-exist in harmony.


This is exactly what Strata Plan would become.


Today, Strata Plan provides the guidance, resources, and services that streamline shared ownership and optimise the experience for all involved.


Basically, we make Owners Corporations better for you, whether you’re an owner, a resident, a worker, or another stakeholder.


Strata Plan brings amazing and diverse individuals together. The result is a great sense of community and Owners Corporations that can thrive.

We CARE about

You & Your


If you’re looking for worry-free Owners Corporation services 24/7 365, Strata Care is the solution for you. Providing access to a range of value-driven services not offered by regular programs, Strata Care is here to help you with emergency and everyday care—both during and after hours.

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