Strata Plan Story

Strata Plan was never created to be like the rest. 


Managing our first building in 2004, we noticed that everything was a hassle, and the industry was reactive. Dozens of buildings are being managed by one person, and the myriad of personalities that is to be expected in each Owners Corporation (it was called body corporate back then) becomes a problem if you try the one-size-fits-all approach to managing Owners Corporations. 


Paradoxically, this lack of inspirational practices turned into a powerful driving force that led to the vision that Strata Plan will champion. Striving to provide a hassle-free Owners Corporation Management experience, Strata Plan was founded by real people to challenge an archaic system and bring inspiration into your Life Spaces. 


Our business thrives on relationships and trust, and we value open and honest communication with our customers. Through the years we have fought many battles for them, making sure we do what we can to get things done. Focusing on developing industry-defining practices, we provide our customers access to expert teams and industry-first technology that can provide 360° support for your Owners Corporation. Gone are the days when everyone had to rely on one overworked employee. With Strata Plan, you have a team of heroes, armed with the right tools to have your back.   


Now, almost 20 years later, we manage hundreds of Owners Corporations across Melbourne, providing the guidance, resources, and services that streamline shared ownership and optimise the experience for all involved.

About Us
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We are a world-class
team of experts

We aim to be disruptors of an archaic industry, challenging the status quo and driving revolutionary changes that reinvent the way we do Owners Corporation Management

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Providing our customers and our people with a
hassle-free experience

We make Owners Corporation Management easy, so you can enjoy your Life Spaces


To achieve 100%
for all our customers

A hassle-free experience is not a rarity, but the norm. We push boundaries to ensure our management service is the best resourced in the industry. 


Finding new ways to
improve every day

The drive for exceptional customer service does not stop because we believe our customers deserve better.


Values are the gateway to trust- and trust is earned over time. Like in any relationship, we want to take the time to earn trust by nurturing our relationship with our customers and embodying our values as we do so. 

People’s People Our relationship with our customers is more important than transactions. We fight for YOU♥ every day.
Dynamic Experts We know our stuff and yet we always expand our thinking -but that doesn’t stop us from asking ourselves- “what can we do to make this better for YOU?”
Purpose Driven We put purpose before profit.  We love what we do, and we do it for YOU.
Courageous Creativity We’re not afraid of change. We challenge the industry and swerve norms by combining expertise with playfulness and imagination.


number 1

for a reason

Strata Plan is the only organisation, hand selected from over 800+ Victorian managers, by Industry experts Macquarie Bank, to sit on the Australian Strata Board, for being at the forefront of industry innovation & change!


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