Managing Agents

Managing agents have enough on their plate, and Strata Plan’s services are about lightening your load.


We know how crucial managing agents are to a well-functioning Owners Corporation, which is why we’ve put together some links and forms to make your life easier.


If you manage lots in Strata Plan-managed Owners Corporations, you can also shoot us a quick message to get in touch. Fill in our contact form to ensure any important notices are not missed.

Latest News

Get Strata Plan news, industry info, and details that are relevant to you, your property, and your Owners Corporation.

Life at


Owner’s Corporations couldn’t function without contractors, so if you’re a handy tradie, Strata Plan wants to hear from you!


Whether you are an electrician, plumber, caretaker, gardener or even a waste management professional, we invite all service providers to make themselves known!


We have high expectations of our service providers, so we can’t promise that getting a gig will be easy.


But if you are good at what you do, offer good value for money, and leave our customers with a smile on their face, there will never be a shortage of jobs to tender/quote for.

We CARE about

You & Your


If you’re looking for worry-free Owners Corporation services 24/7 365, Strata Care is the solution for you. Providing access to a range of value-driven services not offered by regular programs, Strata Care is here to help you with emergency and everyday care—both during and after hours.

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